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Last day of 2014!

As mentioned in the title, today is the last day of 2014!

Well , a lot of life changing moments have happened in 2014 and one major change is I’m married this year.

Here are some of the photos that reflects the best moments in 2014.

A (34)




List of moments happened in 2014.

1. Tendered resignation letter at my company. I have been comtemplating to resign from my company. I love my job, the office environment, flexible working hours, considerate bosses but the company wasn’t doing well at that period. The reason of resigning from my job is to move back to Ipoh and to live with my husband after I’m married. I actually miss working in such liberal company where you can’t experienced it if you work in small Chinaman company.

2. Registered my marriage at Chin Woo, Ipoh

3. Had wedding ceremony and dinner in Ipoh,

4. Moved to my husband’s house in Simpang Pulai.

5. Been searching for jobs and attended interviews but all failed to land a job.

6. I spent my time to do craft works and sell online on Etsy, consigned some of my works to cafes. Business was so-so and not as great as in 2013.

7. I helped out my husband at his coffee shop.

Oh, time to watch TVB drama at 7pm.

You see, I get to do things that I wished to do when I was working full time. Alot of my friends commented that I’m so lucky  that husband is taking care of me, but in my heart, I wish to have a permanent job. I need to save some money for retirement and for old age and diseases.


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My brother’s wedding

Time has passed so quickly. I didn’t have the time to update my blog.

Last 2 days ago was my younger brother’s wedding. It was held in Chinese Methodist Church in Penang. My family and I went to Penang a day before just to attend the wedding rehearsal. Well, this is my 2nd time attending a church wedding. The first one was attending my UTP’s friend, Fairene’s wedding at Kuching.

However, when we checked-in the hotel, my dad realised that he forgot to bring his coat. Suddenly he said have to go back Ipoh to collect the coat. Then, we suggested to buy a new coat from Gurney Paragon Mall. We scoured over at Gurney Plaza and found one that suits him perfectly. The whole ordeal took us 4-5 hours and we didn’t manage to take lunch. Then, we had dinner together with Irene’s family at CRC club house. The dinner was sumptuous and I love the food. After dinner, we adjourned to the church for the wedding ceremony rehearsal.

On the wedding day, we woke up early for the makeup and a bit of photograph taking in the room.

We arrived at the church at 10.30 am and wait for the ceremony to start. The wedding was smooth and no hiccups during the ceremony. Well, it was joyful and quiet affair.


My family picture before the wedding.


Here’s a little flower arrangement. I got the flowers from the boutonniere given at the wedding.

Next, I’m looking for a dinner gown to attend their wedding dinner in March 2015. 🙂

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Christmas’s Eve

Hooray! Finally rain has stopped today. However, the weather is still cloudy and slightly brighter.

I bought 3 sheets of postage stamps from postme shop yesterday. I’m so eager to receive them soon.

Today is Christmas’s Eve. The festive mood in Ipoh is not as great as in KL. I love the Christmas decorations and musics played in shopping malls in KL. I missed it so much. I heard from my ex-colleague that there is new Mexican restaurant in Avenue K. I think there are many more new restaurants opened in Avenue K. I missed having lunch at non-halal food served in food court, i.e the hokkien mee, the claypot chicken rice, beef ball noodle, etc.

I will be teaching tuition to a Std 3 kid in the afternoon. This kid is quite lazy and never does her homework. Sometimes I feel I wanna give up on her. I taught her the meaning of new words but she still forgets. Aih…

Gotta go to my husband’s shop and help him during lunch time crowd.

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A Quick Getaway

This morning we woke up with drizzling rain sound outside of house. Well, it’s still raining at the time I’m writing this post.

Hmm, I predict today’s weather will be wet and gloomy. Similar to London’s weather, where lots of rain is expected.

Today we celebrate Winter Soltice Festival. My MIL as usual do prayers at the altar, broiled chicken (pak cham kai) and make tong yuen. I still remember my aunty told me that it’s a festival that is placed more importance than Chinese New Year. It’s a tradition for every family members to get together to make tong yuen at home in such a way to promote unity among the family members. Anyway, my MIL made few tong yuens for me to eat.. hehe..

Yesterday my husband’s friend came and visited us. We went to Tua Pek Kong temple at Pasir Panjang, Sitiawan. This temple is new and currently undergoes expansion by adding more buildings and statues. I took few photos at the seaside just in front of the temple.


The horizon. 


Me with the horizon background.


High tide at the mangrove

It was gloomy day yesterday so the photos taken from my phone is not bright. I like high tide when the water covered the swampy area at the mangrove. The muddy looking sea water of Straits of Malacca is due to heavily polluted by oil slick from ships, rubbish, etc.

That’s all for now. Adios!

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Reviving my blog

Hello there, my blog.

Sorry for neglecting you when I caught up with family, work, friends, relationship, craft work, etc for the past 4 years. Perhaps I was too lazy to write long blogpost when I can just post a short line on Facebook and Twitter within few minutes. Just take a photo, type a line and click ‘post’ from my phone and that’s it. Now there is Instagram where I can quickly post my photos for the whole world to see what am I doing and where am I from my smart phone.

4 years has passed in just a blink of an eye. I’m now in my early 30’s. I admit I grew older as I ain’t enthusiastic or energetic  like a young woman. I read my past blogpost just now, reminiscing the good old carefree single days.

I quitted my job last year and moved back to Ipoh. Still jobless until now and I realised that my English proficiency has deteriorated so much.  I am quite worried whether I still can remember my technical knowledge of safety and risk in oil and gas field if I wanted to join back safety and risk consultancy in future. Anyway, I need to sharpen my mind and improve my English language first through writing blogs everyday.

Alright, that’s for today. I will write more on what happened to myself in last 4 years ago. 🙂

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holidaying, attending my good friend’s wedding, sick, and crafting in May. What a busy month of May!

I went back Ipoh during Wesak long holidays, then went back again on the following week to attend my good friend’s wedding. Here’s some of beautiful photos during the wedding, courtesy of my friend’s camera.





I was actually terribly sick during the pre-wedding dinner at my friend’s house and on the wedding day. My throat was very dry and pain and was coughing non-stop. Anyway, I slowly recovered but with occasional cough now.

On a happier note, I got accepted by Kaka Art Market in June as vendor. I’m very glad that finally I was given a chance to participate in the highly crowded market. This time, I will be selling tissue pouch and hair scrunchies, other than my origami jewelry and paper goods.

More details will be coming up soon this week. 🙂

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Merry Christmas, everyone!!! And have joy and wonderful holidays!!!

Eat, sleep, facebook, travel, Internet, craft  or do whatever you wanted to do before the year 2009 ends.


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