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Singapore Trip

Last Sunday, I was on business trip to Singapore for 3 days. It was a pleasant and a tiring trip. I just don’t like lugging  heavy laptop & files during the journey from airport to hotel to office to hotel to airport.

I arrived Singapore on Sunday afternoon, checked-in hotel and off to nearest MRT station heading to Orchard Road. I was very surprised to see the crowd at the shopping malls. Some shops were having sale, hence the crowd were seen shopping. The scene were comparable with Midvalley except that they were carrying loads of shopping bags.

I had shabu-shabu pork sukiyaki teppanyaki at ION plaza. I heard from Lee Wah that ION plaza is the latest shopping mall built on Orchard Road.

The sukiyaki consists of sukiyaki hot pot, slices of pork , salad, egg and rice. A filling dinner but kind of expensive with price of S$18.70.

On the next night, since my hotel is located a stone throw to Chinatown, (niu ze shui), so I think I could find some good food at hawker stalls.

Seafood noodle soup. Tasted bland. Bah..Malaysian food is still the best..

After dinner, I stroll along Smith St. Here are a few photos that were taken :

Hawker’s stall at Niu Ze Sui

Similar scene in JOnker Street, Malacca. HOwever, I prefer Jonker Street than S’pore Chinatown except the heat.

THe lanterns were put up in front of the Chinatown MRT’s station. Mid Autumn Festival is coming very soon. REminds me of mooncakes. yum, yum.

Beautiful lanterns from below

I was standing at another side of stairs to take this photo.

I think that I spent most of the time taking lanterns photos that night. That’s the only attraction that I could see at CHinatown.


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CNY in Penang

 Well, February has just passed. And Chinese New Year celebration too.

During this CNY long holidays, I had fun of meeting up with relatives and friends, visiting Penang with bf and his relatives and satisfying rest.

Here’s the photos taken in Penang. We particularly visited Kuan Yin Pavillion since it was specially open for Chinese New Year. It was still under construction and unfinished painting.

Colourful lanterns

Uploading photos took me a lot of time. There are more pics in my facebook.

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