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New working environment

I’m easily tired after I started working in a new company.  I was even given tasks to perform on my 2nd day at work. Although I’m used to doing the same tasks before, I feel very uncomfortable with the new environment. It’s very quiet and interaction between colleagues is minimal. Besides that, the new company has implemented website monitoring if I surf internet and even tag in / out of office is monitored. I missed my previous company which gives us freedom and the comfortable environment between colleagues.

Due to the fact working 4.5 days a week, I had to cramp extra hours on mondays to thursday. It was damn tiring and I will be sleepy right after lunch. It’s so hard to keep me awake at work when there is piling work to be done for the day. I’m intolerant with caffeine, hence I can’t drink coffee in the afternoon or else I’ll be awake at night.

By giving me more time, I hope that I can adapt to my new company culture. Besides that, I hope that I can resume crafting at night after work later. Now, I don’t have any motivation to proceed with my remaining craft work. I’m so tired, feels like brain has drained out and lazy..I just wanna rest, read newspaper and watch drama at night.

Sometimes I wished that I can resign from my job and do some business to sustain my living expenses. I just can’t take the routine of work anymore, for waking early and going home late and finally rest. Communication with boss and colleagues are also another crucial matter. See… working in corporate is actually not fun and no freedom at all.


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Today is a very special day which dated as 11.1.11.

Just a short post on that.

I will create a new blog about my craft stories while I will maintain this blog as my personal blog.

I can’t wait for CNY holidays as I’m so eager to go on leave for the whole CNY week. Hooray!!!

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Last day of 2010

Today is 31st of December of 2010 which is the last day of year 2010!

Happy New Year, everyone!

While the year has coming to an end, new hope and new beginning will start tomorrow.

My new year resolution for 2011 is ….

1. Blessed with healthy and happy family members.

2. Save more money.

3. Replace my old camera with a good quality ones. I’m still deciding between SLR and semi-pros.

4. Travel to UK to visit my bf.

5. Open new blogcraft and a new Etsy shop.

I better stop writing more resolution or else I have endless wish list.

Sometimes I need to be careful with my wishes as not all my wishes will come true if I wished too much. Anyway, I just hope that everything will be fine whatever I do in 2011.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Have a great celebration for new year ahead, everyone!

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I miss you!

Missing you alot.

I cherish the moments that we had together here. The days of happiness, anxiety, sorrow together. Never had I expected that you are so caring even the last few days before you embark for a new job in other country.

I’m so glad and excited that you managed to call me by the time you touched down in airport. Countless of calls from that day onwards. I feel kind of odd initially whenever I received your calls, I have to calculate in my mind for the time difference at your place.

Though I still miss you now, I spend my free time during weekends playing FV, facebooking, reading, etc.

Hope that you are getting on well there. Work hard and gain more money…

This morning I cooked yee mee soup for brunch. Just a simple noodle meal with yee mee, fish balls and vegetables.


This meal is one of my expertise since my teenage days when my mum didn’t cook for us. kekeke…

Hmm, I feel wanna work hard on crafts since I have alot of free time during weekends. I wanna open online blogshop soon. But, firstly, I must stop playing FV. I admit that I’m highly addicted to it and I have wasted alot of time playing.

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Happy New Year 2010

Well, today is 12th day of 2010. It’s still considered as new year for me. As I reflect of year 2009, it has been a great year to me. It’s a year where I ventured out of my comfort zone to try out new challenges and I’m very grateful with the end results.

I had been very quiet and keeping all to myself for the past years due to my past lousy relationship. After I rekindled my friendship with my close friends, I finally found happiness, being contented with my life and understand that materialism doesn’t mean anything. I understand that giving small and tiny caring gestures brings joy to people lives.

This is the year where I started learning craft. Kelly has exposed me into craft activities. Initially I was just making ATC’s and folding Japanese paper doll bookmarks for swapping in SwapBot just to spend my free time.

ATC (Artist Trading Card)

Since I like folding lucky stars, I bought wrapping paper and patiently cut into strips and fold them. There it goes to setting up Etsy store and learnt about online business on the Internet. And there goes to partnering with Kelly and Debbie setting up stalls in crafts bazaars.

Taken at 2nd Pipit Wonderful Market.

In last February, I was assigned for business trip to Japan for the second time. It was enjoyable trip and I had a chance to travel on my own in Japan where language could posed a difficulty to communicate. Anyway, I was in luck that I didn’t miss a train or sort of that due to reading Japanese and English train routes. But I went into wrong direction looking for a shrine..hehe.. Not to panic, just turn back and go back to origin.

Taken at the Great Buddha shrine in Kamakura.

I have a new hobby which is lomography. You have most probably noticed me posting lomo photos on Facebook. I love lomo pics because it poses vivid colourful photos. Here’s one of favourite

Paddy field in Sekinchan with my friends. It was actually green paddy but in my lomo pics they turned out to be yellowish. How wonderful? I didn’t expect that paddy to be yellow. Life is full unexpected things.

And finally, I have fell in love with a wonderful guy. The most caring and mature guy that I ever met. The one whom made me think that love unconditionally is a noble act. He’s the most sincere at heart that I ever seen. ok, I may have over-exaggerated here, but this is my opinion about him. Sometimes he’s bad tempered but after that he will become calm. That’s him.

Taken during our Lumut trip. 🙂

I hope that we will go through the joy, happiness and sorrow together throughout our relationship.

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First post on WordPress

Yay!!! Finally I have setup my blog in WordPress. I’m still fine tuning the layout, comments and so on. This will take some time as I need to familiarise the features in WordPress.

Btw, it’s weekend tmrw. Yippie!!!

I have few tasks to do

1. Christmas Swap Gift

2. May’s Daughter Full Moon Gift.

That’s all for now.

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