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Cat Story

One fine evening, I saw a bright cat sitting nearby a drain in my garden. Out of fun, I just take photos of this cat. This cat is actually camera shy as it looked other direction while I take its photo.



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I’m so glad that my Maroon Butterfly Fluttering Earrings are noticed and featured on Etsy Treasury. Here’s the treasury that was created by Sarahkdesign.

The treasury is located in here.

It’s a very beautiful that consists of butterfly and flowers origamis, prints and paper bowls.

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Sekinchan Lomo Pics

Last weekend, Yokie came down KL with full of excitement. Hence, we have planned to visit Sekinchan which also called as Selangor Rice Bowl. After driving for 1hr and 45 mins, we finally passed by huge green paddy field on the side of road. We drove into a lane in the paddy field and got down from car just to take photo. It was extremely hot and sunny at that time. I could feel intense heat from sun burning on my exposed skin. That’s the reason why I need umbrella to protect myself from sunlight..hehehe.. Anyway, I can’t protect from UV rays as I got darker after that.

After the photo taking session, we proceed to have seafood for late lunch at Bagan Sekinchan. However, the meal was so-so only. Not great enough to recommend anyone to go there for seafood. You can try seafood in Kuala Selangor as they serve more delicious dishes at a cheaper price. For recommendation, try Restoran Jetty for lunch or dinner. For a 6 person meal, the resultant price is just RM120 with 6 dishes consists of crabs, prawns, sotong, chuk tan, tauhu and vegetable. Isn’t it cheap?

Allright, below are the lomo pics taken at paddy field. Note that it was greenie green paddy at that time. To my surprise, the paddy field turned out to be yellowish in lomo pics..hehe.. Life is full surprise, isn’t it?

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