Urbanscapes 2011

Hooray, I’m excited that I’m being selected as a vendor for Marketplace at Urbanscapes 2011! Weee…




One more week to the event, so hurry up and grab your tickets now here. I think you can still grab RM30 for early birds.

Come and have fun! Anyway, I would be glad if you visit my booth Jainabee at the Marketplace. My booth is located near the entrance.

July month is a busy month for me. As I have sold half of my stock during Chic Pop Market, I have to replenish more stock by making more items for upcoming Urbanscapes. Anyway, I still participated Kaka Art Market on July 2011 last Sunday although I have time constraint to make the items . Here are some of picture of my booth during the event.





Some of pictures are quite blur because I took them from my phone.


More photos on my facebook fan page : www.facebook.com/Jainabee1


Yea, you read right. It’s a combination of 3 markets into 1 huge market ; Chic Pop Market, Crafty Art Market and Bettr Weekend Market.

You will find lots of stylish and fashionable clothes, accessories and handmade and creative goodies as well as family stuff in this market. I’ll be participating as a handmade vendor in this market.

I’ll be selling some of my origami jewelry, Japanese paper doll cards, and bookmarks. I’ll be showcasing some of my latest project which is resin washi pendant necklaces and rings.

Remember to bring lots money to get your goodies here. You will be tempted to own some things back home. hehehe…It’s on 25th June from 10am until 6pm at Jaya One.

Yay, tomorrow is Kaka Art Market. Hope that I could get some sales from the items that I made so far.

Here are some of custom listing from etsy customers. All these items have been delivered to them. They really like the Japanese Dolls. Here’s my Etsy shop.

If you have any custom order that you are interested, just inform me and I’ll try my best to make it. :)

Wee, I’m so happy that finally I am selected as a vendor for Kaka Art Market in June. Hope that I’ll be participating the Kaka Art Market every month onwards.


The theme for June is Mad Pirates. I guess this event is gonna be fun with Jack Sparrow around.

My booth Jainabee will be placed on 1st floor (upstairs). Although I heard that crowd wasn’t great as downstairs, I feel it’s allright to participate for the first time. Hope that the next round market, I’ll be placed on the groundfloor.

Come and support me!

I have been up to

holidaying, attending my good friend’s wedding, sick, and crafting in May. What a busy month of May!

I went back Ipoh during Wesak long holidays, then went back again on the following week to attend my good friend’s wedding. Here’s some of beautiful photos during the wedding, courtesy of my friend’s camera.





I was actually terribly sick during the pre-wedding dinner at my friend’s house and on the wedding day. My throat was very dry and pain and was coughing non-stop. Anyway, I slowly recovered but with occasional cough now.

On a happier note, I got accepted by Kaka Art Market in June as vendor. I’m very glad that finally I was given a chance to participate in the highly crowded market. This time, I will be selling tissue pouch and hair scrunchies, other than my origami jewelry and paper goods.

More details will be coming up soon this week. :)

3rd Crafty Art Market

Crafty Art Market is back for the third time. I noticed that I never missed the event from the 1st.

I’ll be showcasing my unique origami jewelry and Japanese paper dolls goods on this event.

Oh dear, I need to sleep now.


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